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Today, we would like to introduce the proposal of M-Tokens to add the MBTC Metapool on the Curve platform.

First of all, MBTC is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum issued by M-Tokens on a 1:1 basis peg to actual Bitcoin. This enables seamless integration of crypto assets on other blockchains into the Ethereum ecosystem and brings the community another choice to enjoy the cross-chain transaction with convenience, transparency, and value.

sCIP#31 — Add a [MBTC, [sBTC]] Metapool #QmYvGyF

All M-Tokens reserves are safeguarded by qualified custodians who manages private keys in the industry high-level HSMs and its proprietary multi-tiered storage system by the tier-4 grade data centers across three continents. Its segregation of duty and zero-trust system design can guarantee the safety and availability of the assets without dependency on any single individual.

Meanwhile, a multi-signature mechanism is adopted by M-Tokens for its crucial aspects such as mining and burning, allowing on-the-chain verification. Thus, it provides cross-chain asset services that are both transparent and reliable. Major parties taking part in M-Tokens include the governing bodies, custodians, merchants, and end-users.

Currently, M-Token has collaborated with SynFutures protocol, where its users can use MBTC to trade the derivatives product on the platform. M-Token has also partnered with Matrixport on industry-leading crypto-financial solutions, which will empower M-Token with the capacity of yield generating in the future. Most importantly, the capability to conduct structural products and become a gateway between DeFi and CeFi will be the parts we focus on, and it definitely is our unique advantage.

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Bring you cross-chain transaction convenience, transparency and value!

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Cross-Chain Tokens

Bring you cross-chain transaction convenience, transparency and value!