Introducing the M-Tokens

Cross-Chain Tokens
2 min readFeb 23, 2021


Bring you cross-chain transaction convenience, transparency and value

As the speedy development of DApp/DEX/DeFi, etc. has prompted the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, attracting diverse types of digital asset holders to invest their assets into relevant projects, and hopefully in a seamless manner.

Since the atomic swap of crypto assets among different chains is not quite convenient at the moment, the majority of digital asset holders would have no choice but to trade their currencies into ETH or USDT, etc., resulting in high transaction fees and impacting the price stability, which means amplified risks during large market fluctuations.

Therefore, a platform capable of bringing blockchain digital assets into Ethereum in a speedy, convenient, and secure manner will definitely become an essential infrastructure. Although there are similar projects that have met the aforementioned requirements, there is still room for improvement. As the assets under management of such wrapped assets increase, potential risks arise for a single provider or custodian. In the long run, therefore, various platforms shall coexist, providing more wrapped asset varieties and choices to the institutional and retail users.

M-Tokens are ERC20 that project blockchain assets such as BTC on Ethereum on a 1:1 basis which enables seamless integration of various crypto assets into the Ethereum ecosystem.

All M-Tokens reserves are safeguarded by qualified custodians. At the current stage, M-Token is supported by Cactus Custody, who manages private keys in the industry high-level HSMs and its proprietary multi-tiered storage system by the tier-4 grade data centers across three continents.

Its segregation of duty and zero-trust system design can guarantee the safety and availability of the assets without dependency on any single individual. Meanwhile, a multi-signature mechanism is adopted by M-Tokens for its crucial aspects such as mining and burning, allowing on-the-chain verification. Thus, it provides cross-chain asset services that are both transparent and reliable. Major parties taking part in M-Tokens include the governing bodies, custodians, merchants, and end-users.

In terms of technical aspects, smart contact and hash mapping are adopted. Simultaneously, the reserve deposit addresses, outstanding balances, and transaction records are made 100% public and traceable to enable exact cross-chain mapping. In terms of governance, checks and balances are achieved through a multi-institutional framework, roles/rights segregation, and decentralization, facilitating the prevention of malice committed by any individual or entity. Moreover, the blacklisting mechanism lays a foundation for ongoing governance and regulatory compliance.

M-Tokens strives to be one of the infrastructures, with the aim to provide digital asset holders with alternatives and security for financial businesses.




Cross-Chain Tokens

Bring you cross-chain transaction convenience, transparency and value!