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Cross-Chain Tokens
4 min readSep 6, 2021


Cross-Chain Tokens(ccTokens) are ERC20 tokens backed 1:1 with blockchain assets like BTC and BCH. ccTokens focuses on generating cross-chain integrations that enhance a better user experience between assets and users across multiple blockchains. We are bringing more utility to cryptocurrencies.

Now, users can exchange their crypto for ccTokens to 1:1 ERC20 backed tokens like ccBTC and ccBCH. We are developing more cross-chain solutions and bringing together many components of each connected blockchain.

We are sharing a step-by-step guide for using the Cross-Chain Express to help everyone begin their Cross-Chain journey.

Please note that all ccTokens are fully backed and safeguarded by qualified third-party custodians.

Let’s start!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Exchanging

On the homepage, Cross-Chain tokens show four main tabs: Whitepaper, Explorer, Audit report, and Express.

  • Whitepaper: allows users to have an overview of the project’s background, technology, connections, and resources,
  • Explorer: shows the previous transactions including minting and redeeming.
  • Audit Report: leads to the report files which show that our code and smart contract have been audited by PechShield.
  • Express: exchange your BTC or BCH for its 1:1 pegged counterparts on Ethereum (ccTokens) and vice versa.

Now let’s go through the step-by-step guide to using the Express feature.

Step 1: Choose Your Crypto

Once you connect the wallet you want to use for the Cross-Chain solution, you can choose which cryptocurrency you want to exchange for ccTokens. BTC and BCH are available at this moment.

Click on the Bitcoin symbol in the “You send” tab and choose your crypto. This will open up the selection of other available cryptocurrencies. Choose the one you want to exchange by clicking on the appropriate asset. Once you have chosen the cryptocurrency you want to exchange, its corresponding pair will automatically pop out in the “You Receive” column.

Step 2: Add the wallet

Then, you need to add your wallet address for the host blockchain. This is the wallet address where you want your newly issued ccTokens to be sent. Insert your wallet address in the relevant “Ethereum Destination Address” column.

For example, if you own Bitcoin Cash, you can exchange it inside the Express and mint pegged 1:1 ccBCH on Ethereum to leverage it in a wide variety of decentralized finance applications. In the example above, the 10 Bitcoin Cash will be wrapped on the Ethereum blockchain and the difference of 0.05 is the transaction fee, which will be charged as an Ethereum gas fee.

Step 3: Cross-Chain exchange your crypto

Once you’ve chosen the tokens and inserted your destination wallet, you can submit the transaction to exchange. Based on the crypto you wish to move cross-chain and the blockchain you’ve chosen, your wallet may require you to approve the transaction through a pop-up directly on the wallet interface.

Sign the Signature Request and the cross-chain swap procedure will start.

Generate a new deposit address and send funds from your wallet to that address. This is, for example, needed when moving Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash across blockchains. The deposit of the funds to the relevant deposit address triggers the start of the cross-chain exchange procedure.

Please double-check the deposit address and amount and be noted that the transfer amount must be equal to the amount displayed, and please finish the deposit before the order expires.

Your order and status will be shown in the below column. The transaction time will be automatically based on network congestion. If you meet some issues when exchanging, feel free to contact us via telegram:

Once the exchange is completed, you will be able to find your ccTokens from your wallet and will be ready to participate in the across various DeFi solutions.

The ccTokens contracts are:

ccBTC: 0xef206fefe1c7506a8aa2cb39597ae3263204416d

ccBCH: 0xdb792b1d8869a7cfc34916d6c845ff05a7c9b789

Now, start using Cross-Chain Express which brings you convenient transactions and more utility for your crypto.

Thank you and looking forward to your continued support on Cross-Chain Tokens!

About Cross-Chain Tokens

Cross-Chain Tokens are tokens backed 1:1 with native assets like Bitcoin that enable seamless integration of various crypto assets into different blockchain networks. Our vision is to bring more crypto utility for everyone by providing convenient cross-chain solutions.






Cross-Chain Tokens

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